Why Join?


 Benefits of Wellness Club Membership

Much more than a "weigh and go" slimming club:

1. Take part in the 12-Week Results Challenge and win cash prizes, in addition to improving your health!

2. Receive a weekly comprehensive Body Composition Analysis(body fat%, visceral fat, hydration levels, metabolic age, physique rating, muscle etc) to keep you on track, using our professional Tanita Innerscan equipment. Its a great way to review your progtess and more reliable than measuring soley your weight which is affected by lean muscle gain.

3. Receive your copy of the Member's Handbook. This contains the core information you will need to help you develop a healthier, more active lifestyle, along with the support from your local Wellness Coach. You will also be able to record your Tanita and tape measurements through your first 12-weeks.

4. Every attendee is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire which identifies any key areas to address and so focuses general wellbeing and long term sustainable results than say your typical weight loss clubs.

4. Become eligible for the special referral scheme: introduce three new members in any month and receive 1 monthly subscription free. Plus - your name will be entered into the Free Mini Cooper for a year prize draw! 1 draw entry for every three new members referred. See other side for details

5. Receive regular detailed advice, positive support and essential information to help you reach your goals.

6. Meet people in a warm friendly environment.

7. Free to sample each week fantastic cutting edge products to boost your vitality and accelerate your results

8. Unlike other clubs Membership at the Wellness Club is just £3 per week or £10 per month with no penalties for missed classes. First Night Free For Everyone.


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