Wellness (Slimming) Club in Tring

Have you been thinking of making a change? Why not take action now? Come along to your local Wellness Club

Here are just some of the benefits of joining your local Wellness Club:

- Meet new people in a warm friendly environment

- Every attendee is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle.

- Have your weight, measurements and BODY FAT carefully assessed each week to keep you on track

- Receive your copy of the Member's Handbook. This contains the core information you will need to help you develop a healthier, more active lifestyle, along with the support from your Wellness Coach. You will also be able to record your Tanita and tape measurements through your first 12-weeks.

- We are much more than a weigh and go club. Each week we will give you simple but specific advice on how to reach new goals

- FREE to sample each week fantastic cutting edge products to boost your vitality and accelerate your results

- Learn how to change your shape & why just restricting calories can actually increase body fat

- See the amazing testimonials from other people we have already helped

"When I first attended the wellness club I was shocked to find out that even though I had lost 1 stone, my body fat was 49.5% and still at very dangerous levels.  The coach in the wellness club explained how throughout the 12 week challenge I would learn all about my body, food, exercise nutrition and lifestyle and I how could lose body fat in a healthy nutritious way, and keep it off forever"

- Membership at the Wellness Club is just £3 per week or £10 per month

- Succeed as a team - introduce 3 new members & receive a full refund for the month

Exclusively Ladies Gym - (non-gym members welcome) 68-70 Mortimer Hill, Tring, HP23 5EE
Contact Jayne for info or to reserve your place
on 07970 257 013 and 01442 386 182.