" I have tried every diet going"

I  started my first weight-loss challenge in May 07.  I was frustrated with my weight gain, and looked on the internet to find a local weight loss club. I found the community weight-loss challenge, which I had never heard of before., but it looked interesting the way they helped people lose weight

 After my 2nd child 11yrs ago I have tried every diet going, weight watchers, slimming world, Rosemary Connelly, and also tried to starve myself to lose weight, and even though I lost weight, I found that I didn't have the staying power to see it through and the weight just piled back on again.  I was really sick of yoyo dieting and so when I saw the information on the Weight-loss challenge website on how over the 12 weeks, in a workshop kind of environment they would teach and educate me on how to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off,  I jumped at the challenge.  Also as there were prizes to win at the end it spurred me on even more to get a great result

When I started  in June 07 I was 15.2st size 18. I also suffered from acid reflux and have done for the last 5 yrs, Rennies were my best friend!   When I started the nutrition program and lifestyle changes  I had been advised on in the club I couldn't believe how easy it was.  In my first week I lost 8lbs, my energy levels were going through the roof and my reflux was no longer bothering me.  Just 4 months later I had lost 35lbs and had dropped 2 dress sizes to a 14, I have a spring in my step again and feel and look 10 years younger.   At last I have found a regime that works for me, and still attend my local Wellness Club to help stay on track.Debbie Campbell. Housewife Age 35. Dundee. IMG_0003Debs before.jpg