A healthy, active lifestyle starts with achieving balanced nutrition

Intelligent+Nutrition+Wheel.jpgA Balanced Nutrition Plan is essential for providing our bodies with the nutrients required to make them function properly. Unfortunately, today's busy, modern lifestyles mean we don't always make healthy food and drink choices - so we often miss out on necessary nutrients. Processed food has often lost essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so, it is very important that we adopt good eating habits and use supplements when necessary

An intelligent nutrition plan should provide bodies with balanced levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, good carbohydrates, plant-based protein, healthy fats and beneficial fibre, herbs and antioxidants. The intelligent nutrition concept involves eating a variety of foods - but all in moderation: being "intelligent" about what we are eating.

Cereals for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, pasta for dinner and rice cakes, chocolate and biscuits for snacks?!  "My diet had been almost all carbs i had no nutrition going into my body"

Every attendee is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their diet.